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how does Pharma Dropship work?

Quick Setup

Pharma Dropship allows you to choose the medications you want to sell at the prices you want to sell them. Since you are using your pre-existing website you can easily update it with our supplier catalogs.

Fast Transactions

Customers arrive to your websites and pay for medications through credit card. Orders are then forwarded to Pharma Dropship. Remember, you only pay the wholesale price of the medications purchased. Therefore, the difference between the wholesale price and your markup is yours to keep as 100% profit.

Easy Integration

We make it easy to process and track your orders – real time. Through our system you have seamless integration to our order processing network. Upon receiving orders we immediately ship them to your customers.

Impressive Growth

Satisfied with your service and quality, customers will return to your website making your business grow. You’ll be thrilled with the increased business Pharma Dropship will bring to your company. Act now and start making money today!

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