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HIV self testing kit - test yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

Home Self Test Kit - accurate results within minutes...
99.8% accuracy within 5 minutes! In the discreet comfort of your home. No more 24 hours nerve wrecking waiting for results - no more questions and gossip where you don't need it! Share the results with whomever YOU choose.

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More about this product :

New - high quality - user friendly - self applied - discreet -"do it yourself" - HIV tester.

Be the first to know - share the results with whomever you want to share and no one else.

Don't want to Inform your doctor of your concerns? But do want to know if you have Aids? This product is for you.

Resellers - Dropshipping industry people of the world - You can't afford to miss the opportunity to make a fine profit - and help fight the HIV epidemic in our world!

Think how many people in the world want to know - or would like to know that they are Aids free - most of them will never initiate HIV testing at the authorized clinic near their homes. Too much gossip. too many inhibitions... but now! We have a solution - a professional accurate test that anyone can perform by himself - without the slightest concern that the results will be listed anywhere or even just talked about.

Test your blood sample In the total discreet comfort of your home. A few simple actions - and a five minuets patience is all you need - in order to know if you are HIV free or not.

How does it work?
The Aids Virus attacks the human immune system - causing it to manufacture antibodies - these antibodies are easily detected three months on from infection. Our test kit is very simple - it includes a plastic tester, and a developing formula fluid - we even provide a needle for blood extraction and an alcohol pad for disinfecting your finger before and after. The developing fluid combined with the tested blood on the tester will detect these specific antibodies in a matter of minutes. The test is very easy
to perform and requires only a clean environment and 10 minutes of your time.

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